Nov 26, 2016

Assorted Poems from the Past Few Months

Fall of a Sparrow

When I did chance to happen on this crew,
a team composed of stars pluck’d from the sky,
within my blood did fiery hope renew
to stake our fortune ere we all must die.

How noble was our work – how true, how swift!
Our sprints did show our speed from week to week
that all as one our many hands did lift
a motley matching mound to mountain peak.

But fickle fate did cleft our hearts in twain,
The ending sprawled before us that we see,
and no amount of hearts and hearts in chain
can realign to corp’rate strategy.

And yet our time, our team, the work begot
cannot be quick erased or soon forgot.

3 Limericks

We are living in times that seem dire,
like we're stuck in a great dumpster fire.
But when darkness takes hold,
inner light makes us bold.
May we all be Frodo of the Shire.

There once was a girl they called Ruby
who solved mysteries like that dog Scooby.
The hardest one she had
was the Dane who seemed sad.
She told him the answer was: to be!

There was once a young boy who did roar
when he was at the grocery store.
The strangers would all stare,
but they were unaware
he's a secret velociraptor.

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