Feb 9, 2017

Little Lizzy

Look out boys! It's little Lizzy
who thinks her thoughts and speaks them freely
which throws them all into a tizzy,
her manner calm and resolve steely.
"Go back inside and stay silent!"
the boys all shouted, near insisted
their faces strained, voices almost violent.
Nevertheless, she persisted.

"Perhaps you'd enjoy another major
outside of strict math and science."
Her professor's eyes tried to gauge her
response, which could be seen as defiance.
Lizzy sighed, inwardly knew
it'd all be easier if she desisted,
that they squirmed as her knowledge grew.
Nevertheless, she persisted.

Now time's have changed (but really, have they?)
and Lizzy's no longer quite so small.
Yet even now when she wants her say
there are those who'd rather put up a wall.
But for today, tomorrow, and forever
against each foe, a Lizzy resisted.
When can she be done? The answer is never.
Nevertheless, she persisted.

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