Apr 9, 2018

You Too

I'm not all men, just this man
standing in front of a woman
asking for a date or a dance
c'mon it's late, gimme a chance.
You can't say no once I turn on my charm
now wait! Don't go - what's the possible harm
in talking? So let's talk. Is it warm
here or is it just me? Hey come to my dorm
ugh, why you gotta be such a
girl, I'm trying my best, much of which
is better than most of the other guys here.
Sure, they may be stronger or look better on the beach but I have something
they'll never have because I'm nice, do you hear me? I do things right -
I treat my woman right - do not walk away
I'M TALKING. So let's talk. Is it hot here today
or is it just you?

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